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The donation process is easy

Fill out the online form.


We will call you and arrange the best way to proceed with your donation based on the type and location of the movable.  


We will prepare all the tax forms for your deductions and  paperwork for the transfer.  


Your donation helps others. 

With your donation we are able to help different charities throughout the world. 

With your donation you are making a difference on someone's life. 

Help us help others.

We are here to ensure that your donation process is simple and smooth. Please feel free to contact us and gladly answer any of your questions.

You are important. 

We work on a case to case basis to get you the most out of your donation. We will find the best tax solution available, based on the details of the donation, ensuring that you are happy in every way with your gift. In many cases, we are able to get more out of your donation than if you had to sell. We promise to help in every way as you help others in need. Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions, we are here to serve.


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