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Our Story In 2008, Angel For Hope became a reality with the desire to help the less fortunate. We handle boat and airplane donations, enabling us to help many of the forgotten people that need help. We know that this organization is more than just processing papers or handling movables, it's about leaving a mark on the lives of those around us. 

Our Company Located in beautiful Pensacola, FL, we are proudly a Christian based non-profit organization founded by Bobby Moffet. The life goals of our staff are to honor Christ and to leave a mark on this world for Him. Our highly capable staff is composed of boat captains, mechanics, and others experts that allow us to handle any size boat and aircraft at any location in the U.S. and the Caribbean.  We want to reach others with their earthly and spiritual needs.


We believe two areas are most important at Angel For Hope. First, that we serve others by taking your contributions and helping those who desperately need it. Second, we help you, the donor, in getting the most for your tax-deductible donation. We guarantee to help those in need and assist you in every way possible.  

Our Mission  Provide Hope through movable donations. 

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