How It Works Is Simple

What happens when you donate your boat, yacht, car, RV, etc? Well, it’s really rather simple. How it works is, Angel For Hope takes your donation, and once sold gives the proceeds to worthy charities around the world. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to bring hope to the hopeless through your donation. Below are some simple ways to donate to Angel For Hope Ministries. Before you donate, please take a moment to look at the charities which you will be helping!

Your boat, auto, or real estate donation allows us to provide direct funding to charitable organizations.

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Fill out the form with your basic information, and some information about your donation. We never share your information!

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How much can you deduct when you donate to Angel For Hope? Here are a few things you should know before you complete the simple donation process!

  • The minimum IRS deduction for automobiles is $500.
  • The IRS deduction for automobiles sold for over $500 is the actual sale price. The actual sale price is the amount that we sell your item for.
  • In some cases, if we use your automobile to further the work of our charity, or if improvement are made before the sale, the IRS deduction for your automobile is fair market, or blue book, value. (Restrictions apply.)
  • The IRS deduction for motor homes, campers and other recreational vehicles is the actual sale price.
  • The IRS deduction for boats is the actual sale price unless we make improvements to your boat.
  • Improvements are made at the discretion of Angel For Hope Ministries.
  • If improvements are made, the IRS deduction for your boat is fair market, or blue book, value.
  • A receipt will be sent to you at time of donation, then a Statement of Sale (showing sale price) will be sent to you approximately 10 days after the sale of item. This is the paperwork you need to claim your correct tax deduction.


Approved Charities