Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept it…

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept it, is to say nothing negative for 24 hours!

This mission is difficult, but I know you can all do it! It will be a fun experiment to see how one positive attitude can affect the attitudes of those close to you. If you are nervous about not being able to complete the mission, I will give you a secret weapon. Smile! A smile, even if faked at first, can have an awesome affect on your entire attitude. A trick as simple as smiling at the phone before you answer it can make the entire phone call a positive experience. The most contagious thing in the world is a smile. So let’s make this day an amazing one. Let’s make this a time to spread joy and a positive message. The world is so full of negativity that it’s slowly consuming everyone. Many never post anything positive on social media sites, many never air a happy story on the evening news so it’s up to the individual to make this world a better place, one smile at a time. So write down what time you read this if you accept the challenge, and for 24 hours say only positive things. I know you can do it. (See how easy it can be.) Remember, your attitude will determine your altitude.  Ready! Set! Go!

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