How To Achieve Goals

Have you ever felt that you are just spinning your wheels, never really accomplishing anything you set out to do? That is an easy feeling to cultivate over time. In this fast paced society, where dreams and ambitions seem to be at the forefront of every successful mind, it’s important to remember that over achievement isn’t achievement. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, set an attainable goal and go after it. Curing cancer, solving world hunger, and fixing the economy are not realistic goals for anyone. Why not start out with something like, “I am going to get my closet organized.” That is easy, attainable, and something that is large enough to give you the feeling of accomplishment. We need to remember that we are only one person.

Setting smaller goals is also a fantastic way to achieve those larger goals that you will still want to achieve. If you find that you are not reaching your goals and discouragement is seeping into your everyday life then simply re-evaluate your goals. Setting smaller step by step goals may be just the boost you need to attain the larger goals you have in mind. For instance I used to get discouraged in college. “I’m never going to make it.”, “I’ll be here forever”, “It will take too long, I’ll never make it.” Finally after two failed semesters I decided to set easy goals. “I will get an A on this test.” Once that was achieved I’d move on to the next. By the time I was in my fourth semester I was working three jobs while earning all A’s. Although anything is possible, a more productive thought is, even the longest journey started out with one step. Our goals should echo that philosophy. So what goals do you have? Can some of those larger goals be broken down into easier to swallow bites? Why not share some in our comments, maybe someone else is struggling with a similar issue.

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