Seedline International

Seedline International collates, staples, and binds printed copies of the word of God and sends it all around the world. They are Facing the unfinished task!

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1. How long have wel been sending Scripture to the world?
We started collating Scripture in 1993.


2. How are we organized?

We operate under our sending church, Hazelwood Baptist Church. We also have a sitting board comprised of Pastors, missionaries, and laymen.


3. How many languages do we serve?

To date we have serviced over 21 languages.


4. How are we funded?

We’re funded by; personal support, church support, businesses, and project support. Seedline has different methods available for giving; monthly giving, missionary support giving, Gideon 300 team support giving, and project giving.


5. What do we do?

We  collate, bind, and ship Scripture to missionaries in many parts of the world

  • Collate – assembly of the books in proper sequence and order for stapling or glue binding.
  • Binding – This is perfect binding process. The books are collated and a cover along with the signature is glue bound.
  • Shipping- Seedline ships container, skids and boxes of Scripture to many parts of the world.

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